An Investment From Phoenix

Allows your startup to leverage the collective network of hundreds of Harvard alumni for investors, partnerships, sales opportunities, hiring, and more.

Startup Founders

Value Creation for Harvard Founders

Collective Investor Network

Hundreds of well-connected Harvard alums helping with biz dev, VC & angel investments, critical hires, and partnerships

Harvard Founder Community

The club's portfolio will include 150 early-stage companies with Harvard founders you can leverage


We are a thought partner during challenges and successes

Quick Decision

Investment decision in less than 48 hours

Phoenix Investment Criteria

Harvard Co-Founder

At least one cofounder must be from the Harvard community - student, dropout, alumni, or professor.


Startup must be backed by an institutional VC or top accelerator

Location & Sector Agnostic

Phoenix invests in tech startups from all over the globe and in all sectors

What Founders are Saying

Founders love the power of Phoenix's collective network

I'm excited to be a part of a group that will keep me connected with my classmates and leverage the network to help my startup with growth, recruiting & partnerships.

John Liss
Co-Founder & CEO, True Footage

We were absolutely thrilled to have Phoenix join our Seed round. They were adding value and offering helpful intros before the fundraise had even been completed.

Chris Winchurch
Cofounder & COO,

We've Co-Invested Alongside Great VC Partners

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